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Board of Directors

As established in the RJPSC's Constitution and Bylaws, the Sunshine Coast's Restorative Justice program is to be led by a Board of Directors comprised of a broad group of representative and elected stakeholders, drawn from a variety of fields that will ensure balanced perspective and stable governance.  These dedicated individuals are committed to the advancement of Restorative Justice along the Sunshine Coast, and to ensuring that the organization remains balanced in its approach to the needs of victims, offenders, their families, and our community.  We greatly appreciate the energy, expertise, and specific skills they bring to the organization.

Board Members for 2023-2024



Donna Schmirler

Norm Blair

Members at Large

hiwus (Calvin Craigan)

Dana Caple 

Ian Cochran

Marilyn Magas

Paula Stroshein-Martinez

Raj Gill

Sue Spurgeon

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